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Crystal clear resins of the highest quality are melting with natural materials in order to make unique design objects. Innovative furnishing solutions created thanks to our experience and research.

Our studio

Our experience is the result of years of research in the field of materials, ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative and exclusive, as can be found in the wide range of models created.

The experimentation of the chemical compositions of the resins has led to a great competence both in the techniques of their treatment and in the knowledge of their peculiarities. This is how luxury furnishing accessories are born, with essential lines that are unique in terms of personality and design.


Furnish with Azimut

Our furnishings describe the uniqueness of our creations, the ability to translate the customer’s needs into design accessories.

Furnish with Azimuth
azimut galeries lafayette

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

bottega veneta azimut design

Bottega Veneta

tavoli legno arredo resina desing palazzo garoni venezia azimut design

Palazzo Garzoni, Venice

artist on board azimut design

Artist on board


Wood and resin tables

Wood and resin tables, a perfect combination of quality and art. We offer a wide range of creations, born from the need to create design accessories that stand out for their uniqueness. Each table is handmade with wood essences coming from all over the world, carefully chosen to obtain the best aesthetic result.
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Partition walls and doors

The partition walls, for which we use wood, or customized solutions with custom-created colors and elements, furnish the spaces giving character and at the same time a note of lightness.
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Design accessories

High quality resins allow you to create timeless design objects.
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The uniqueness of our creations is our trademark. Each step is a unique piece made with essences of precious woods enhanced by highly performing resins.
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