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Foglie aeree, metalli e pregiati legni provenienti da ogni parte del mondo. Queste opere d'arte, nascono per impreziosire con la loro creatività i vostri spazi, con soluzioni personalizzate e create secondo i desideri e le esigenze dei nostri clienti.

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Azimut design was born from a totally Italian production reality in which artisan experience, technological innovation and design have been in dialogue for twenty years in the continuous pursuit of excellence. The philosophy of the company means that each project is "tailored" according to the individual requests of the customer.

Our experience is the result of years of research in the field of materials, ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative and exclusive, as can be found in the wide range of models created. The experimentation of the chemical compositions of the resins has led to a great competence both in the techniques of their treatment and in the knowledge of their peculiarities.

This experience was then joined by the aesthetic needs of the market, which have been studied and followed over the years. This is how luxury furnishing accessories are born, with essential lines that are unique in terms of personality and design.



The first phase of processing is performed entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen. The production process is very long and requires great precision and care.

All the materials are embedded in transparent resin and, after a long polymerization process, the products thus obtained are ready for the finishing and polishing phases.

The opportunities for using transparent resin products are innumerable. For this reason Azimut Design is always available to offer new and unusual solutions. The basic materials are the most disparate, and every day we are contacted to try innovative combinations. Resin coatings can cover any type of surface, but as a company we can also provide the incorporation of any object in transparent resin. Our experience in this field allows us to provide professional advice to any type of interlocutor.



Azimut Design is the inspiring muse of the material poetry that we are presenting, a lyrical composition that does not use words to convey emotions, but the colors and shapes of nature, by creating new chromatic suggestions, with surprising combinations that evoke a new age of design:

Natural leaves, metals and precious woods from all over the world. These works of art are created to embellish your spaces with their creativity, with customized solutions created according to the wishes and needs of our customers.

Made exclusively with special crystal clear and transparent resins of the highest quality, they guarantee the durability and resistance of their perfectly smooth and compact surfaces.

For the scrupulous attention we dedicate to the choice of materials, for the continuous technological research and for the most innovative design solutions, we are today one of the leading companies in the sector, and we are proud to share with you our path of excellence, to bring together luxury at a higher level.


Azimut design is part of the Little-Bear Group, a brand specializing in the marketing and processing of wood.

Every year the group dedicates a significant part of its resources to the research and development of new products. This need moved the brand strategy towards the development of high-end products, opening the way to the collaboration with Azimut design.

Respect for the environment is at the center of the group's interest, aware of the ecological, social and economic importance of forests. Through the PEFC and FSC certifications that the group has acquired, it ensures and guarantees that the products distributed come from sustainably managed forests.



Azimut Design's creations create magical links between materials and depth, and give extraordinary three-dimensional effects.

Each Azimut Design product is exclusive, the result of continuous research in the field of materials and technology. Our customers are followed so that they can realize the dream of a "world" built around them. Each space in our customers’ home acquires its own personality. New shapes relate to space, aesthetics and functionality trace the lines of a contemporary design.