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Design accessories

The highest quality resins allow us to create timeless design accessories that emphasize the innovative nature of our way of doing research.

Ice Table

Our series of Ice tables, made of Murano glass “cotisso” and resin. Custom sizes and colors.

Jelly Cube Table

The JELLY line includes design accessories such as cubes and tables, with custom colors and sizes.

Moss Table

Natural lichens embedded in clear resin, the thrill of observing nature through a lens with crystalline transparency.

Anna chair

We pay homage to an icon with our Anna chair, iron and satin resin available in custom colors.

1000 Miles Cubes

Observing them you will seem to see the famous roaring vintage cars passing by ... Pieces of history enclosed in a resin case.

Breeze coffee table

New texture that refers to the surface of the waves swept by the sea breeze. Alternation of flat and wavy surfaces

Ice coffee table

Our Ice tables, made of resin and glass blocks coming from the artistic Murano factories. Top and sides look like a single surface.

Ice console with shelf

Elegant console made with Murano glass and ice-effect green resin, with shelf that completes the design of the accessory.

Pink Dream

Our late summer pink dream; new shapes, fantasy in motion. Fusion of colored resin, cubes and columns that remind the glories of the ancient Rome.