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Furnishing accessories that play with colors and shapes; light plays an important role that enhances our creations.


Colors that mix randomly and that refract light creating extraordinary effects. The idea of recycling resins gives life to unique and unrepeatable compositions.


Unique like the stars that form a constellation, the lamp shows an ever changing light, depending on which color the light meets.

Jelly Lamps

Mini Jelly lamp, a magic explosion of bubbles. Colored resin and led light base.

Ice Lamp

Ice effect for the emotional lamp made with amber colored Murano glass and resin.

Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp, Calacatta gold marble base, colored resin insert and led base.

Birch Lamp

Our Birch lamp will light up your emotions.

Wood lamp

A magical forest enclosed in a lamp. Our time capsules bring nature into your homes.

Driftwood Lamp

Emotional lamp with sea driftwood embedded in resin.