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Partition walls and doors

Innovative design solutions, our doors play with the suggestive textures of wood and the transparency of the most performing resins. The partition walls furnish the spaces giving character and at the same time a note of lightness.

Onda panels

Our Onda panels are showing a new texture, on one side the surface is slightly rippled, letting the light go through, and dividing at the same time your living areas. Custom colors and sizes.

Clouds panels

Panels made of resin and gold fragments from the Clouds line. Available in custom sizes and colors.

Oak Door

Three panels made of oak wood and resin make up the door that furnishes with an innovative design.

Canniccio panels

Resin panels made of natural reeds.

Carapanauba Door

Sliding door made of resin and Carapanauba wood. This kind of essence, coming from the Amazon rainforest, allows us to create a particularly light and transparent design.

Mood panels

The satin surface of the resin allows natural light to go through, and can be colored with customized colors. Available in wood essences such as Oak, Walnut, Olive and Cherry.

Chestnut door

A splendid sliding door in chestnut wood and resin furnishes the access to the sleeping area of a chalet in Crans Montana.

Bamboo partitions walls

Partition walls made of natural bamboo.

Olive Door

A warm Mediterranean light filters through our door in Olivo, a very popular essence on the island of Ibiza.

Sliding door in Olive wood

Sliding door made with three sections of olive wood; The rear part has a satin finish to preserve the privacy of the sleeping area. The concealed mechanism creates the illusion that the door slides suspended, and the wall does not require any structure.