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The uniqueness of our creations is our trademark. Each step is a unique piece made with essences of precious woods enhanced by highly performing resins.

Carapanauba staircase

Always looking for new design solutions, we present the custom staircase made with Carapanauba wood and resin stairs. Each element is unique in texture and design.

Briar staircase

Custom staircase made with poplar briar stairs. The precious shades of the wood are enhanced by the resin.

Carapanauba staircase

Our stairs are custom designed; a surprising effect that will make your home unique.

Cote d’azur stairs

A glamorous villa sur la Côte d'Azur is the perfect setting for our design stairs. The textured wall seems to evoke a seabed, and the steps run along it chasing each other up to the surface. The essence of Carapanauba, a wood full of bumps and color nuances, allows us to create every single element that makes the stairs a unique and unrepeatable one.