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Tavoli in legno e resina

Wood and resin tables, a perfect combination of quality and art. We offer a wide range of creations, born from the need to create design accessories that stand out for their uniqueness.
Each table is handmade with wood essences coming from all over the world, carefully chosen to obtain the best aesthetic result.

Nilo table paired with our Paris base.

Smooth and unique design for your custom table. Oak wood and clear resin.

Carapanauba table

Amazing contrast between the black marble floor and our resin table with Carapanauba, an extraordinary wood rich in nuances and hues.

Bell coffee table

Coffee table made of amber resin and Poplar burl wood, paired with our Bell gold base. Available also with fumé or clear resin and black base. Custom sizes.

Table in Olive My World

The warm light of a lit fireplace and the soft colors of olive wood. Polished resin and olive wood with natural oil finishing.

Olive table with natural edges

Our olive wood and resin table finds the perfect location in a space that blends with the outside. The slightly rounded edges give further naturalness to the design.

Rosewood table

Elegance and luxury distinguish rosewood, paired with crystal clear resin and corten effect base.

Bog oak table

Bog Oak, or pit oak, is a millenary wood aged between 800 and 6500 years. This precious essence has remained for thousands of years without light and oxygen under the mud and debris at the bottom of lakes and rivers; over the centuries the wood has matured a unique texture and color, much appreciated all over the world as it is not comparable with any contemporary wood. We present it with our precious resin that enhances its characteristics

Olive table with glass base

Stone, old olive wood and transparent resin for an exclusive timeless design. The glass base gives lightness and the table seems to float in the air.

Old oak table

The wonderful colors of a centenary oak make up an exclusive table.

Burmese tek table

A beautiful Burmese Teak table furnishes the meeting room of Domo Center in Toulouse. Our interpretation of a masterpiece of nature enhanced by the combination with resin.

Rectangular tek table

How to furnish in an exclusive way; the minimal design captures the attention on our four-meter table in fine teak and transparent resin.

Poplar burl table

Poplar burl table paired with our Wind base in gold leaf; the colors of this essence are enhanced in contact with the resin, which makes the texture look like silk.

Kitchen top in olive wood

A splendid Apulian farmhouse has commissioned a kitchen top in Olive wood, a native essence much used and appreciated in this region.

Tavolo in Carapanauba con penisola

Il tavolo è composta da due sezioni che possono essere accostate o all’occorrenza disposte in modo da ottenere un unico tavolo rettangolare; in abbinamento la penisola della cucina.

Lebanese cedar table

Round table made with an original and unique section of Lebanese Cedar, for an elegant chalet in the French Alps.

Oak table

Warm atmosphere for the loft that houses the oak table; the wood is completely immersed in resin with a glossy surface finish.